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10 Ways to Washi: Holiday Edition

Washi tape is still a trendy favorite in the crafting world. There are so many creative ways to use this Japanese based tape that washi tape has essentially become a household name. The beautiful and countless designs, the strong-hold and reusability, and the natural materials that make up washi tape have made this crafting essential […]

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DIY Ornament Wreath

An ornament wreath is such a pretty addition to any holiday decor because it can be customized to any color scheme. It can also be dressed up in additional ways, such as using a bow or a nice visual piece that captures the eye. This wreath is also a good choice because it can be […]

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Rainy Day Activity: Water Bottle Bowling

It’s coming to that time of the year when our outdoor time is limited. It is getting darker earlier, the cooler weather is starting to kick in, and of course there’s more rain and maybe even snow in the near future. To keep kids from going stir crazy while being stuck inside in the coming months, […]

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DIY: Turkey Finger Puppets

Let’s face it: the holiday gatherings are more for the adults in the family than the kids. We decorate with our most festive garlands and wreaths, we set the table with our finest dishes and silver, we plate the food as beautifully as we can. The kids don’t care about any of that. So let’s […]

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3 DIY Advent Calendars

For many families, using Advent Calendars during the Christmas Season is a tradition everyone looks forward to. Whether the calendar is filled with chocolate, stories, toys or activities, each day is special and anticipated. There are some beautiful Advent Calendars on the market, from stunning tapestry-like calendars, to sturdy treasure box types, to delicate glass displays. Or you […]

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Helping the Homeless: Blessing Bags

We’ve all experienced it. You pull up to the dreaded stop light and standing on the corner is the gruff, dirty, sad looking man holding the tattered cardboard sign. Your cheerful singing along to the radio stops and you plaster on a somber face, or you avert your eyes and occupy yourself with your cell […]

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10 Kid-Friendly Ways to Show Thankfulness

Thanksgiving is almost here and during this time of year we try to focus on recognizing the things we are grateful for. Did you know that gratitude doesn’t always come naturally to kids? It’s something that we, as parents, need to teach them — so doing this should be at the very top of our parenting […]

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DIY: Haunting Halloween Ghosts

Halloween is just around the corner.  You have seen the decorations for weeks (sometimes months in some stores)!  Purchasing several things to decorate can add up.  It helps when you find a do it yourself idea that doesn’t cost a lot and still looks great!  We are here to share a great tutorial on how […]

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Got Worms? All About Vermicomposting

Chances are you haven’t given much thought to worms as anything other than fish bait or on rainy days when they congregate on the sidewalk.  Did you know that worms can make tea??  No, not the kind of tea that anyone would want to drink, but a very useful and nutritious drink for your garden.  Read […]

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DIY: Baby Washcloth Bouquet

Everyone wants to be the one with the handmade gift that the expecting mom can’t stop gushing over!  But, you also want to bring her something useful for her new little bundle of joy.  We have come up with the perfect solution – make her a baby washcloth bouquet!  You will only need several other […]

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DIY Wall Art

When it comes to decorations and art for the rooms in your house, the options are limitless. You could easily run to any home store and find something amazing for your home. You could also scour Etsy and happen upon a custom piece for your wall, making it unique. OR you could make your own! In this […]

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3 Easy Canning Recipes: Jam

Want to savor the flavor of summer by bottling it up for the rest of the year? Do you have an abundance of fruits you don’t know what to do with? Look no further. We can inspire your inner summertime Goddess whether you are a master chef or just a pasta and eggs kind of […]

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