Day: December 4, 2014


Laura’s Loving It

A few things that have made my pregnancy and first days of motherhood a pleasure! I’ll admit to slipping a cardigan over this comfy nursing gown for a quick Target run. It’s so cute, I doubt anyone knew I was in my nightie! ($68, I wanted to prep for a natural birth without taking […]

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Rainy Day Activity: Water Bottle Bowling

It’s coming to that time of the year when our outdoor time is limited. It is getting darker earlier, the cooler weather is starting to kick in, and of course there’s more rain and maybe even snow in the near future. To keep kids from going stir crazy while being stuck inside in the coming months, […]

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A Giving Tuesday giveaway with MINTED

There are so many great options for holiday photo cards, but I’m a big fan of I’m a big fan of Minted because their cards are sourced from a global community of independent graphic designers. Their cardstock is thick and includes a recycled option, and their designs are fresh and modern. But a huge draw […]

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The Backbend Flow to De-Stress

Extended Puppy Pose (Uttana Shishosana) This is one of our favorite poses for stretching the upper back and shoulders. Beginners should consider modifying the pose by placing their forehead on the mat. This will help relieve any potential strain in the neck. Start off in tabletop position and slowly walk the hands forward dropping your […]

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Sticky Toffee Pudding

I hope you all read today’s post title in an English accent.  Actually, go ahead and read the whole post that way.  And I’ll be sure to throw in lots of words like knickers, blimy, and collywobble.  While we’re on this topic, say “Beer Can” in an English accent.  No really, do it.  Out loud.  […]

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Christmas Crafts & Early Learning

I am so excited to be doing Christmas crafts! My kids are both begging to spend time at the art table, are coming up with their own ideas ( yay!) and I have so many posts waiting to be published. But that is what’s new with me. I want to know what’s new with you […]

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Gift ideas that simplify holiday shopping (or don’t require shopping at all)

The joy of giving. It’s not just a holiday catchphrase, it’s REAL. We’ve all felt that particular warmth that comes when we tap into our generous nature. But as the holiday season rachets up, giving translates into shopping which, depending on the length of your gift list, turns into a slog. Even the name "Black Friday" sounds bleak, don’t you […]

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