Day: December 2, 2014


3 DIY Advent Calendars

For many families, using Advent Calendars during the Christmas Season is a tradition everyone looks forward to. Whether the calendar is filled with chocolate, stories, toys or activities, each day is special and anticipated. There are some beautiful Advent Calendars on the market, from stunning tapestry-like calendars, to sturdy treasure box types, to delicate glass displays. Or you […]

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That’s what SHE said: Perspectives on Ferguson

If you are a person of faith, look to your scriptures or holy texts for guidance. Seek out faith based organizations like Sojourners and follow faith leaders that incorporate social justice into their ministry. Ask your clergy person to address antiracism in their sermons and teachings. If you are not a person of faith, learn […]

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6 Poses to Reduce Bloating

After a long weekend of overindulgence and rich foods, you may be feeling sluggish and bloated.  Let us help you re-energize and reduce that bloated feeling with these six twisty yoga poses that will gently squeeze and massage your digestive organs. As with all twists, be mindful to lift and lengthen on each inhale, and […]

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Cyber Monday!

So many exciting things to tell you about today! (And pssst, there’s a giveaway at the end of this post, so make sure you read all the way down!) Since it’s officially Cyber Monday (Ok, you west-coasters are getting it a little early since I’m posting this late Sunday night), we figured it was the […]

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Easy Angel Craft For Preschool

My daughter loved making this angel. She likes to remind up that she was an angel in the Christmas pageant at church and that she got to hold the special star. When I asked her what sort of Christmas craft she felt like making she suggested we make an angel and so I started thinking […]

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