Rainy Day Activity: Water Bottle Bowling

It’s coming to that time of the year when our outdoor time is limited. It is getting darker earlier, the cooler weather is starting to kick in, and of course there’s more rain and maybe even snow in the near future. To keep kids from going stir crazy while being stuck inside in the coming months, try this simple and fun activity! 

First you’ll want to make sure the bottles you have chosen are clean and completely dry, inside and out. Remove any paper and sticky residue from the outside of the bottle. Take the construction paper and cut 10 strips wide enough and long enough to fit around the bottles, and attach them with the tape. Using the marker, number the bottles 1-10.

Fill each water bottle with enough dry rice to cover the bottom. This will add some weight to the bottom of the bottle allowing it to be a bit more steady, but keeping it light enough to be able to knock over.

On a smooth surface, set all the bottles up in the same pattern as a traditional bowling game; row of 4 bottles, 3 bottles, 2 bottles and 1 bottle. Setting them up on a smooth surface will be the easiest to balance the bottles, as well as rolling the ball to knock them over.

Take turns knocking the bottles over and setting them up. With younger kids, use the numbers on the bottles as a counting game.

As an alternative way to play, use different fillings for the bottles, making some easier to knock over and some more difficult. You can even make a list of guesses for which bottle you think will be the hardest to knock over and which will be the easiest.

For a fun variation to playing in the dark, fill the bottles with water and drop a glow stick into each bottle. This should either be played outside in case the bottles open, or secure the lid using electrical tape to minimize leaking. 

When it comes to using household items for fun and games, the possibilities are endless! We love discovering fun and thrifty ways to keep the kids entertained, especially when it’s technology free.

Photo credits: CeceLynn Design

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