Alternative for Google Custom Search

I like this plugin, it is easy to setup.

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I’m find yes

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Baby Child

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10 Reasons Virgin Hotel Is the Future

Here’s 10 reasons Virgin Hotel is the future of hotels. 1. Check In Like A Boss Download the smartphone app and use it to check into your room, unlock your door

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11 Crazy Hotels to See Before You Die

Snow igloo, log cabin or a glass igloo…those are your options during your stay. Needless to say Hotel Kakslauttanen is something you must experience.

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9 Hotels To Visit

If you’re going to travel, why not travel in style. Here’s 9 hotels you must visit in style.  All photos courtesy of National

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5 Hotels That Will Make You Scream

With Halloween lurking right around the corner, we decided to put together a list of 5 hotels that are known to be haunted. Happy haunting!

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Getting for cheap

Japan boasts one of the most modern and efficient public rail systems in the world. A network that consists of multiple high-speed trains that link all cities and major towns throughout the country, the JR Pass provides tourists with unlimited access to ride these rapid rails. Referred to as ‘shinkansenin’ trains in Japan, 

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Teaching Your Daughter Puberty

Before she even hits puberty, your daughter may slowly start to show interest in her body. It’s important to encourage a conversation with her to find out what she knows and has heard to gauge on what to tell her. To help your daughter feel confident in talking about her body, here are some of […]

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Myths To Avoid Telling Your Child

Myth #1: The justice system will traumatize my child more than the actual abuse. Predators need to be caught and put behind bars and that’s why it’s important to protect young victims of abuse. There are special programs across the country for kids to come together in a safe environment where they can be interviewed. […]

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7 Best Restaurants For Pregnant Women

1. Panera Bread This upscale fast-food chain has so many choices that it’s sure to delight any pregnant women’s cravings. The cafe is a perfect place to grab some good, quality food when you’re in a hurry running errands or test-driving strollers. Best comfort food choice: Tomato-mozzarella panini and black bean soup.  Most satisfying salad: […]

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Eating Healthy – The Glory of Autumn Beets

One of the reasons I really love the autumn is all the wonderful root vegetables that become available then. So while the rest of the world sings the praises of squash and cauliflower this time of year, I love a dish of nice roasted autumn root veggies to make my meal complete. One of the […]

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