Day: September 21, 2014


3 Easy Canning Recipes: Jam

Want to savor the flavor of summer by bottling it up for the rest of the year? Do you have an abundance of fruits you don’t know what to do with? Look no further. We can inspire your inner summertime Goddess whether you are a master chef or just a pasta and eggs kind of […]

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Living Your Yoga

There may come a time in your life when you are physically unable to unroll your mat and practice the beautiful yoga poses that you’ve come to know and love. Maybe it will be an injury, a high-risk pregnancy, or a sick child that needs your attention.  Maybe it will be a challenging time that […]

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5 of Kate’s Favorite Apps

In case you missed it, last week, Apple announced the new iPhones this week. Now…I know a lot of people have a lot of feelings about Apple products. Even though my husband and I have had iPhones (and subsequent iPads) for a few years, I was very resistant to getting a Mac, largely because of […]

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11 Screen Free Activities For The Car

My son loves baseball and my daughter loves ballet so what that means is that after you add in school, speech therapy, the gym, and errands some days we spend more time in the car than I ever dreamed I’d suffer through. Most days are not like this but when they are I don’t just […]

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Teach kids time management by writing on the clock

I’m on a deep dive in the Parent Hacks archives. It’s sort of like a treasure hunt; I’m looking for gems tucked among nine years’ worth of posts so I can polish them for the forthcoming Parent Hacks book. Many of the best hacks are hard to find because they’re hidden in the comments which the […]

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