DIY: Turkey Finger Puppets

Let’s face it: the holiday gatherings are more for the adults in the family than the kids. We decorate with our most festive garlands and wreaths, we set the table with our finest dishes and silver, we plate the food as beautifully as we can. The kids don’t care about any of that. So let’s give them something they can appreciate- a fun, simple and inexpensive Thanksgiving themed craft they can enjoy and entertain themselves with while the grown-ups are preparing the meal or watching football. 

Some of these steps may require the help of an adult.

The first thing you’re going to do is wash the rubber gloves with soap and water. Some gloves have a power residue that will prevent the glue from sticking properly.

Next, cut the four fingers off the yellow rubber gloves. Make sure you cut them to a length that will fit little fingers. 

Once the gloves are cut and the body of the turkey is ready, glue two eyes on to whichever side you decide is the front. Stick both eyes to one glue dot while still on the roll, peel and attach to the puppet. It’s okay if the eyes stick out on the sides- it will make them look sillier!

With the orange permanent marker, draw an upside down triangle shape below the eyes. Using the black permanent marker, outline the sides of the triangle. 

Turn the turkey over- it’s time to add the feathers!

Press two glue dots side-by-side to the back of the turkey, glue the ends of each the feathers, forming semi-circle. 

Make sure the soft down part at the bottom of the feather is cut off, otherwise it will interfere with the stem of the feather sticking to the glue.

To make it easier, you can have a pre-made bag for each child containing the items for the turkeys. Once the kids are finished, they can play and enjoy their puppets to their heart’s content! These simple and adorable finger puppets are sure to get their imaginations running this Thanksgiving. 

Photo credits: CeceLynn Design

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