Day: October 18, 2014


Got Worms? All About Vermicomposting

Chances are you haven’t given much thought to worms as anything other than fish bait or on rainy days when they congregate on the sidewalk.  Did you know that worms can make tea??  No, not the kind of tea that anyone would want to drink, but a very useful and nutritious drink for your garden.  Read […]

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Nine steps for avoiding racist costumes at Halloween

2. Do not wear racist costumes. This one should go without saying: If you don’t want to be racist this Halloween, don’t wear racist costumes. 3. It’s okay to dress up as a person whose race is different from your own. 4. Let your child’s interest determine their costume. 5. Say no to blackface. 6. […]

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Sweet & Smokey Coca-Cola BBQ Sauce

Once upon a time, I had this recipe for pork chops that you put in a baking dish and then topped with ketchup, some spices, and some Coke. Yes, it sounds kind of weird, but it was delicious. I mean, I was pregnant with my oldest son at the time, a time when food could […]

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After School Activity – Word Ladders Printable { Free }

It’s conference week here and we have been so busy. I wasn’t going to post today until I saw this pin by Fun Games 4 Learning and was reminded of Word Ladders. I haven’t used them in many years ( since I was student teaching elementary school actually) but knew immediately my son who is […]

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