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All About Toddlers and Pacifiers

All About Toddlers and Pacifiers Many children use pacifiers well into their toddler and even into preschool years to soothe and calm themselves. Experts feel that toddlers hold onto pacifiers because it relieves stress, helps them adjust to certain situations, and it’s used as a transitional object. It’s completely normal for your child to crave […]

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Huggies Brazil Allows Blind Mothers To See Their Children

Huggies Brazil Allows Blind Mothers Opportunities to See Their Children It’s probably never occurred to you that an ultrasound is not as heartwarming an experience for someone who doesn’t have their vision. They are not able to see the 3D image of their future child which is often a very emotional and surreal experience for […]

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The Common Causes Of A Miscarriage

The Common Causes Of A Miscarriage   Now that you’re pregnant, you may be concerned with the risks associated with a miscarriage. Most miscarriages occur for reasons we can’t explain and have no control over. In fact, most doctors and scientists can’t find the exact cause of why women miscarry, but learning what causes a […]

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What To Do When Your Child is Being Bullied

One thing that every parent hates is when his or her child is being bullied. Our mother hen comes out and we want to rescue our child. We don’t’ want to see them hurt or upset. But, what is the right thing to do when this happens? How should we handle it when our child […]

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Are We Coddling Our Kids Too Much?

Are We Coddling Our Kids Too Much? Lately I have heard of tiny babies with elaborate birthday parties, a mom who makes an annual time capsule for her son to give him on his 18th birthday and parents who worry about their children’s safety the moment they walk out the door. Have we become the […]

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What To Put On Your Baby Registry?

    Trying to register for a first baby is challenging in many aspects. Putting it together can be very confusing for first time parents. While most people agree that you will need baby clothes and bedding, they’re also some great items that are essential to your list. A lot of first time moms “over-register,” […]

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Choosing A Lactation Expert

When you face unexpected breastfeeding challenges, so many people from your pediatrician to your sister, your doula, and even strangers from Facebook seems to have ‘the answer’. But most of these solutions are based on their own experiences, which may or may not be relevant to the problem you’re having. The real solutions could be based on […]

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6 Things To Save Money On As New Parents

Being new parents is one of the best experiences. With that being said, the fun starts with buying your little one the newest and latest of everything you can think of. Many of these parents go overboard and they don’t know what they will need and not need as the days count down till their […]

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5 Fears All Parents Go Through

It’s amazing how carefree you live before you have a child. You live day to day, never worrying about the little things. However, once you become pregnant, your entire world changes. Fear becomes a constant; not from the same things, but because there always seems to be something new. For instance, while I was pregnant […]

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How To Pack Your Hospital Bag for Birth

  Double check to make sure you have your picture ID and insurance card. Don’t bring expensive jewelry unless you really have your heart set on wearing it for the photos. Only bring enough cash for parking and snacks but leave the rest at home. Hospitals provide diapers and wipes—leave your stash at home. You […]

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The Craziest Reasons Tantrums Erupt

I have to admit. It never ceases to amaze me on what can cause a child to pitch a tantrum. In less than a minute, your sweet and good natured kid can turn into a screaming little terror. It can be over something obvious, like a sibling took something away; or it can be a […]

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Surprising Adventures of Foster Parents

  There are a lot of details that you should be familiar with if you are going to try and become a foster parent.  Being a foster parent can be an amazing and rewarding experience but it can also be a struggle and something that is overwhelming.  The process to become a foster parent takes […]

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