5 Fears All Parents Go Through


It’s amazing how carefree you live before you have a child. You live day to day, never worrying about the little things. However, once you become pregnant, your entire world changes. Fear becomes a constant; not from the same things, but because there always seems to be something new. For instance, while I was pregnant my fears were about the baby being healthy or what would happen during my labor and delivery; as time passed so did my fears, replaced by all new ones. At some point, most parents experience one if not all of these 5 parenting fears.

  1. Am I too protective?

Protecting your child is only natural. You want what’s best for them. However, being overly protective can hurt your child, and causes them not to have the necessary skills to succeed in life.

  1. Will I be there?

With danger everywhere – in schools, shopping centers, even outside our front door, it’s no wonder parents in today’s society fear about being there for their children.

  1. How will I explain the gray areas of life?

Why isn’t love always enough to make things work out? Why can (and do) good people die young? Not everything is black and white, and explaining these things can be very complex.

  1. Am I neglecting my child?

One of the hardest fears to conquer when you have a child is the fear of neglect. Most often it stems from leaving to go to work. In most cases, you can typically explain the necessity of work once they are able to understand.

  1. Am I strong enough?

Often times our children need us to be strong. Plus we have to show our children how to have the will or strength to move on during tough times. This will not only comfort them, but to also show them how to stand on their own two feet later on in life.

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