6 Things To Save Money On As New Parents


Being new parents is one of the best experiences. With that being said, the fun starts with buying your little one the newest and latest of everything you can think of. Many of these parents go overboard and they don’t know what they will need and not need as the days count down till their little one arrives. Baby gear galore is marketed for inexperienced mothers and dads to be, who simply want what’s best for their newborn, and if an item is a “must-have,” many add it to their already exceeding list of things. Most of the items that are targeted at “must haves,” are items that will get little to no use. Let this guide be a help to you, so you can eliminate some items from that “ever so long list”.

Changing Table

You will not need this separate piece of furniture that is called a “changing table” so you can accommodate your baby during their diapering needs.

Fancy Bedding Set

Many parents love bedding and want the crib to look beautiful. The problem is, bumpers have killed millions of babies last year alone. Blankets are another thing that shouldn’t be put in a crib with a baby due to suffocation reasons. So basically, nothing is left in that fancy bedding set besides a sheet. So don’t overspend on just buying a fitted sheet.

Wipes Warmer

Not so much a good idea for your child to get used to their bum being wiped to that perfect temperature because half of the time your are changing them, you aren’t even near the thing anyways. You don’t want to get the baby spoiled to a warm wipe because when your out, the wipes will be cold.

Shoes For Your Newborn

Babies can’t walk so spending a lot of money on shoes for them when they can’t walk is a waste. They should be in a warm onesie where their toes are nice and warm and they can’t kick their shoes or socks off. Babies feet should always be covered and warm. Skip the shoes until their at least crawling.

A Baby Bathtub

This is another waste. If you have a sink in your kitchen, its much better than buying a bathtub that’s just going to take up more space. Most parent’s end up getting in the bathtub anyways with their child, to me, that is much safer than a baby bathtub.

Expensive Baby Clothes

We all want our new baby’s to look adorable and stylish but the amount of time they where clothes doesn’t even give you a return on investment when you buy expensive stuff. Buy at least ten different pajamas with feet, so your able to change them out and the baby will be most importantly, comfortable.

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