Huggies Brazil Allows Blind Mothers To See Their Children

Huggies Brazil Allows Blind Mothers Opportunities to See Their Children

huggies brazil It’s probably never occurred to you that an ultrasound is not as heartwarming an experience for someone who doesn’t have their vision. They are not able to see the 3D image of their future child which is often a very emotional and surreal experience for parents-to-be. According to CNET, Huggies Brazil has launched an advertising campaign which features a very heartwarming moment where a blind mother-to-be gets to feel what her child will look like through 3D printing. The clip’s tagline is, “Every mom deserves to embrace each moment.” The video shows Tatiana, talking to her Doctor during her ultrasound, describing how she thinks her future son will look. Fifteen minutes after her ultrasound is over, the digital designers over at The Goodfellas put their 3D-printing machine to work and Guerra was able to feel her future son’s face. As of right now the video with Tatiana has been viewed over 100,000 times on Another video for the same campaign follows Renatta, another blind mother-to-be in her journey as she prepares for her future son Wendell. Renatta had been preparing herself for the 2016 Paralympics and describes how her focus has completely changed as she prepares for her baby. While these videos were created for marketing purposes they are still very sentimental and well-done.

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