The Common Causes Of A Miscarriage

The Common Causes Of A Miscarriage



Now that you’re pregnant, you may be concerned with the risks associated with a miscarriage. Most miscarriages occur for reasons we can’t explain and have no control over. In fact, most doctors and scientists can’t find the exact cause of why women miscarry, but learning what causes a miscarriage will help to ease your mind.


Abnormal Chromosomes.

A baby has to have the proper amount of chromosomes to form normally. In the first 13 weeks of pregnancy, more than half of miscarriages occur because there’s a problem with the baby’s chromosomes.  There’s no way to prevent your body from having a chromosome abnormality and as you get older, the risk for chromosome problems increases.


Medical Conditions.

If an expectant mother miscarries in the second trimester (13- 24 weeks), this generally means that there’s a problem associated with her health.

  • Infections are a huge risk for miscarriage (cytomegalovirus, German measles).
  • Chronic diseases: diabetes or high blood pressure that have been poorly controlled.
  • Problems associated with an abnormally shaped uterus or an incompetent cervix.
  • Hormone problems that prevent the uterus from thickening, which is necessary for an egg to implant.
  • Autoimmune disorders can cause risks such as, thyroid disease and lupus.


Your Lifestyle.

A mother has an important role when she’s expecting a baby. She needs to most importantly take care of her body and quit certain habits as they are dangerous for developing babies.

  • Heavily drinking of alcoholic beverages
  • Using any sort of illegal drugs
  • Studies have shown that smoking heightens the chance of miscarriage and there’s also a risk if the father only smokes.


The Environment Around You.

In addition to taking care of yourself by not smoking or using drugs, the environment at home and at work can also put your pregnancy at risk for miscarriage.

  • Dangerous arsenic, which is normally found near waste sites and could be found in well water.
  • The pesticides that kill insects or rodents sprayed in the house or around the home can put you at risk for miscarriage.
  • The mercury found in broken thermometers or fluorescent light bulbs that have been released.
  • Certain Paint thinners, degreasers and stain removers can be harmful.




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