What To Do When Your Child is Being Bullied

being bullied

One thing that every parent hates is when his or her child is being bullied. Our mother hen comes out and we want to rescue our child. We don’t’ want to see them hurt or upset. But, what is the right thing to do when this happens? How should we handle it when our child is being bullied?

Being Bullied: Evaluate the situation

Is the situation one that your child could handle on their own? Often times we as parents step in before it is necessary to. Is the situation affecting your child’s day to day activities? Or did they just have a disagreement with a friend. Evaluate the situation, and decide whether or not it can wait before you intervene.

Being Bullied: Talk to your child

How does your child feel about the situation? What is going on behind closed doors? How is this affecting them at school or at their activities Comfort your child, and let them talk to you without you jumping in. This is hard, but sometimes the child just needs to talk out the situation, and may only need a listening ear. Once you have listened, explain to your child how to react in these situations and encourage them to come to you with concerns.

Being Bullied: Talk to another adult

If you have decided, the situation requires intervention talk to another adult. Seek out an adult who will offer good advice, and not just what you want to hear. A counselor, pastor, or adult who is neutral in the situation may be your best bet. Explain to them what is going on and seek their advice.

If the situation moves beyond them just being picked on, and into actual bullying you may need to seek out a school administrator or leader. Bullying should never be tolerated and there is a big difference between a disagreement with friends, being picked on one time, and actual bullying. Being picked on can often times turn into a flat on bullying situation if not handled properly.

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