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Alternatives To Sugar & Sweeteners

Many Americans consume sweeteners in excessive amounts, because added sugar isn’t just in candies and sweets. The quantity of sugar consumed is the problem, not the sugar itself. People need to educate themselves, while gaining a new perspective on what their consuming. Even though the sweetener may be considered a “natural option,” and you are […]

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The Best Things To Buy At The Dollar Store

You may be wasting money on the things you’ve bought at the department stores, or name-brand stores on many of the same things you can buy at the dollar store. Many of the items found at the dollar store are often overlooked, mistaken for being cheap, and not well made. This may be true for […]

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New Mom Beauty Mistakes

When a mother delivers a new baby, this often means that her beauty routine she once had, will be a distant memory. Whether its barely getting enough sleep, or struggling between breastfeeding and bottle feeding, a new mother doesn’t have the time to invest in a make-up regimen. When this happens, mothers find themselves making […]

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Tips for a Smooth Move

No matter the reason your family may have for moving, it can be a chaotic time for everyone in the family. Kids are fearful of change, our lives get turned upside down and pets pick up on the emotions. Even if the move is a good one, perhaps from a rental to your first home, […]

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Mother Receives Criticism at NYC Pride

The mother of an 8-year-boy received some serious backlash after a photograph of her son at New York Pride was posted on Facebook. In the photo you can see Desmond Napoles dancing in the parade wearing a rainbow tutu and gold-sequined head dress. The photo was posted in an NYC Pride album on NewNowNext’s Facebook, […]

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Kindergarten Form: Vaginal or Cesarean?

Cara Paiuk, a Connecticut mother was outraged when she came across a question on her son’s Kindergarten application. The forms, which were being filled out by her husband, asked if she had given birth vaginally or through a cesarean. Paiuk told Yahoo Parenting, that she ripped the form out of her husband’s hands when she […]

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When Will My Child Be Ready

Its almost inevitable to hear the question “When will my child be able to..?” This is the same thing as asking “ When will my child grow an inch taller?” Due to each and every child being different, they also have an inner timetable, invisible to the naked eye. Doctors or friends can make educated […]

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Arts & Crafts For Your Toddler

When your child reaches the “toddler stage”, this is considered their first milestone in life. Its natural and instinctive for toddlers to express themselves through play. They may need guidance, but this isn’t necessarily until they have a more expected outcome. Getting creative with your tot is primarily important because it helps them explore the […]

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Creating A Healthy Attachment With Your Child

As a society, we raise our children with the expectation of becoming self-reliant, in hopes they will make close, loving and intimate relationships with those around them. Instead, these are the same children who are taught very early in life, not to disclose their feelings. Children are also being taught to suppress how they feel […]

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Bathing Your Newborn

Creating a bathing routine for your new baby is very important, especially in the first week of life. If a baby is changed frequently, they won’t need bathed daily. That doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate sponge bathing into their nightly routine. Bathing in a tub with certain soaps could dry out your baby’s delicate skin, […]

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5 Things You Own That Contain Animal Byproducts

It sounds smart, but some of the most surprising items we eat or use every day, contain the byproducts of animals. Almost all of these items will surprise any person who is living an animal-free life. Some items that contain animal byproducts are ones that you would never even think of, and probably still have […]

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Racist Facebook Rant Gets Teacher Fired

Racist Facebook Rant Gets Teacher Fired The McKinney pool party video that went viral last week has sent reverberations throughout the country. But nowhere has it been more obvious than in the town of McKinney itself. There a now former elementary school teacher was fired for her racist Facebook rant in reaction to the resignation […]

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