Racist Facebook Rant Gets Teacher Fired

Racist Facebook Rant Gets Teacher Fired

racist facebook rant

The McKinney pool party video that went viral last week has sent reverberations throughout the country. But nowhere has it been more obvious than in the town of McKinney itself. There a now former elementary school teacher was fired for her racist Facebook rant in reaction to the resignation of the police officer at the center of the controversy. The angry post showed off an ugly side to the Texan town, beyond even what everyone has seen in the pool party video.

Racist Facebook Rant Defends Officers Actions

Karen Fitzgibbons was angry that the officer who was seen manhandling a 14 year old girl in a bikini to the ground should be forced to resign. She ranted in his defense, “I guess that’s what happens when you flunk out of school and have no education. I’m sure their parents are just as guilty for not knowing what their kids were doing; or knew it and didn’t care.” As if this wasn’t enough she ended the post by stating that she wished “them all segregated on one side of town so they can hurt each other and leave the innocent people alone.”

Apologizes But Doesn’t Recant

The page she posted on was deleted and she apologized. However it was not before the entire town erupted in anger over her remarks. The local school was deluged by angry parents demanding the school fire Fitzgibbons, and within 24 hours the school complied. They gave a statement that they found the racist Facebook rants “offensive, insensitive and disrespectful,” While Fitzgibbons did apologize, stating that she let her emotions get the better of her, it wasn’t enough. Saying you are sorry that your post reflects poorly on the community just doesn’t cut it in a town ready to ignite over race.


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