The Best Things To Buy At The Dollar Store

dollar store

You may be wasting money on the things you’ve bought at the department stores, or name-brand stores on many of the same things you can buy at the dollar store. Many of the items found at the dollar store are often overlooked, mistaken for being cheap, and not well made. This may be true for many items, but isn’t true for other products. Its important to know the right items to buy so you can start saving today.

Seasonal Decor
Many families spend tons of money on items they’ll only use for one season, and see for a short time. If its Christmas time, don’t forget to stock your local dollar store for gift wrap and gift bags. There’s also other seasonal decorations for the whole house, costing only a mere dollar.

The dollar store is a great place to stock up on art and craft supplies for your kids. Although these items might not be the best for an adult crafter, but for beads, glitter, and paint, you can’t beat these prices.

Supplies For Cleaning
Most of the products stocked on the shelves of some of the biggest brand-name superstores all contain the same ingredients. You can save a lot of money by getting a generic brand of cleaner. Don’t forget disposable gloves, sponges, cloths and containers to keep the supplies in.

Greeting Cards
If you have a loved ones birthday coming up, don’t forget to run to the dollar store first. Greeting cards at a local store can range from $3 to $7 dollars, when dollar store cards are only a dollar. Remember, its all about what’s worded inside the card that means something, not what the card looks like on the outside.

Buying socks can get ruined quick and can be pretty expensive to replace. For a dollar, you can purchase a numerous amount of socks and quit wasting the money you can save.

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