Bathing Your Newborn

bathing newborn

Creating a bathing routine for your new baby is very important, especially in the first week of life. If a baby is changed frequently, they won’t need bathed daily. That doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate sponge bathing into their nightly routine. Bathing in a tub with certain soaps could dry out your baby’s delicate skin, particularly if the soap is drying. After bathing, it’s important to use a fragrance free lotion that’s also moisturizing to prevent any dry skin from worsening or possibly developing eczema.

During your babies first week of life, never submerse them in water. They should receive sponge baths until the stump of the umbilical cord falls off. When giving your child a sponge bath, schedule it for later in the evening. Its a good idea to make it a part of their routine, and choose a time thats right before their nighttime feed. Make sure the room is very warm and you can lay a towel on a bed, floor or counter and have washcloths ready to soak. If you have your child above the floor, make sure they are secured by a hand pressed firmly on them so they won’t roll off onto the floor.

Have the baby tub full of water, a damp cloth with soap, a dampened cloth, and a natural baby soap before you begin. Have your child wrapped in a towel and expose only the body parts you are washing to avoid your newborn from getting too cold. Use the dampened cloth first to wipe their face and then use the dampened cloth to rinse the face. Make sure you wash the face first, and the diapered area last. Pay attention to creases under the arms, between legs, behind the ears, around the neck and be extra gentle around their privates.

Once the umbilical cord falls off and is fully healed, you can bathe with your baby or place your child directly in the tub. If your child seems hesitant and isn’t comfortable, get in with them. Your child’s first bath should be as calm as possible and thats why its recommended to get in with your child so your able to create the best bathing experience for them. Once parents create a wonderful bathing experience, babies will love this time of day.

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