Tips for a Smooth Move


No matter the reason your family may have for moving, it can be a chaotic time for everyone in the family. Kids are fearful of change, our lives get turned upside down and pets pick up on the emotions. Even if the move is a good one, perhaps from a rental to your first home, moving can be a challenge. But with a bit of planning, and these moving tips, it doesn’t have to be a rough ride.

Start Planning Early

Make a plan. The key to a smooth move is planning early and sticking to that rule. If you do a little each day towards that big move, it will be less stressful for everyone. Start collecting boxes at least four weeks before the move, earlier if you can. No matter how many boxes you calculate you will need, plan on needing twice that many for the actual move. Check on places like CraigsList or local moving groups for free boxes from others who have just moved, and don’t forget to list your used boxes at the end of your move with CraigsList for others to use.  Another useful moving tip is to ask your moving company to drop off the boxes several weeks early.

First Step – Clearing Out

Just before a move is the perfect time to houseclean. Before you pack, clear out what you don’t need. Have clothes you no longer wear or a piece of furniture you have begun to hate? This is the perfect time to get rid of them. You can do a yard sale, pack them up for a local charity or give them to friends. Whatever method you choose, packing and bringing with you something you don’t want is a waste of energy, so get rid of it now.

Moving Tip- Packing Order

When you start packing, go through your rooms and start packing up in order of what you use least. Moving in the summer means packing up those winter clothes now. Books, pictures and anything you don’t need on a regular basis gets packed first. Label everything and include both the room and what is in the box. If you are moving across state lines, make a list and print out several copies. Always pack your kitchen last. I always make up a “first box” that goes with me in the car and consist of what I need to cook on that first day, especially the coffee pot. Never pack keys, computers or valuables such as important papers or jewelry. These should go with you direct to the new home. If your new home is close enough, store them in a safe place before the move to ensure their security.

Planning for the New Space

If you have access, try taking pictures of the new place so you can plan where things will go. Take measurements and perhaps use one of the free room planning sites to see how your furniture will fit into the new location. This will eliminate a lot of confusion and chaos on moving day. If you are planning to paint or refinish floors, now is the time to do this before you move the furniture in. And don’t forget to measure the windows. The chances of your old window treatments working for your new home are pretty slim, so you might want to plan ahead for that as well.

Enjoy the Adventure

Regardless of the reasons for the move or how complicated it may be, enjoy it. Moving can be a time of adventure, when anything is possible. New places mean new opportunities, fresh ideas to explore and meeting new neighbors. Allow yourself some time to say farewell to your old home, then on with the new!


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