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Color De-Stressing

Coloring is an activity that most of us associate with being something that children do. As we grow older, we tend to put aside coloring along with our crayons and colored pencils and trade in work papers and writing utensils with pens and highlighters. However, coloring is known to be beneficial for adults, mostly because […]

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Arts & Crafts For Your Toddler

When your child reaches the “toddler stage”, this is considered their first milestone in life. Its natural and instinctive for toddlers to express themselves through play. They may need guidance, but this isn’t necessarily until they have a more expected outcome. Getting creative with your tot is primarily important because it helps them explore the […]

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Fourth of July Decorating Ideas

The greatest of American holidays is just around the corner. It’s a good bet that you are considering holding a party for the Fourth of July. But you might like to go beyond the basic backyard Bar B Q of hotdogs and beer. You are in luck because we have a few ideas you just […]

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Why Is Creative Play Important For Your Child?

Why Is Creative Play Important For Your Child? In life, when we’re given the chance to freely express ourselves, this is called creativity. While it comes in many forms, children especially, benefit from these different forms of creativity. When these children are given the opportunity to commit entirely, and be free with themselves, this allows […]

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DIY Plant Markers Hit with Kids and Moms

DIY Plant Markers Hit with Kids and Moms With all those delightful April showers bringing us May flowers, garden projects are next on the list. Everyone knows that getting kids to help is always fun, but the prep for the garden can be fun too. One of these projects could be taking that rainy Saturday […]

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Diverse Christmas Books For Kids

Have you heard of the #WeNeedDiverseBooks movement? It’s a movement that is devoted to getting books with diverse characters promoted, on library shelves, and into the hands of kids. This isn’t just a good idea, it’s desperately needed. Children need to see themselves in books just as much as they need to see children not […]

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39 Christmas Activities For 2 and 3 Year Olds.

As many of you know I went back to teaching this fall and I am still over the moon about being back in the classroom. I am teaching 2 and 3 year olds and loving it. I thought I would put together a great list of  Christmas activities I have done, will do, and wish […]

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Winter Play Dough Creation Station

Play dough is my daughter’s favorite activity. It’s such a wonderful material whether you make your own your buy Play-Doh at the store like we did for this winter play dough creation station. I am not a pre-planner. It looks like I am because you see all the activities after I put them into neat […]

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Holiday Crafts For Kids – Add your link!

Happy Sunday ! I am a little late posting today because yesterday our family went to get our tree and stayed up way too late decorating it. You can see our photos on my Instagram ( I would love to follow you too! ) . I would also love to see all the holiday crafts […]

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75 Christmas Books For Kids { with reviews }

I love Christmas books and this year I have gathered even more for you. 75 Christmas books for kids. You cna’t go wrong with this list, it’s got books for babies through school age and I even have reviews, almost all positive. Almost.  This is a very very long post but I wanted the reviews […]

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Christmas Crafts & Early Learning

I am so excited to be doing Christmas crafts! My kids are both begging to spend time at the art table, are coming up with their own ideas ( yay!) and I have so many posts waiting to be published. But that is what’s new with me. I want to know what’s new with you […]

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Christmas Ornament Crafts For Little Kids

Christmas ornament crafts are probably my favorite craft but I haven’t done a ton on the blog because I never taught at a school where we celebrated Christmas. Now that I am at a church run preschool you can expect a lot more Christmas ornament crafts  kids can make in the coming weeks. I wanted […]

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