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10 ways your butcher can save you time in the kitchen (for free)

Calling all carnivores! If you cook for meat eaters, these tips will save you both prep and cleanup time and might even save you some money. Did you know that your butcher can start your meal prep before you even leave the grocery store?  Photo Credit: Robert S. Donovan via Compfight cc This hack took me […]

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DIY bottle holder lets babies feed themselves

I already love the Oball by Rhino Toys — it’s my #1 gift for new babies. But THIS hack? Damn smart. From sueb262: From the very first, my granddaughter has been independent. When she was about 2 months old, she started trying to hold her bottle herself, but it was too big for her hands […]

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Heat pancake syrup with your old bottle warmer

The bottle warmer is one of those baby gear items you just don’t need. (Am I right?) But that doesn’t stop people from giving them as baby shower gifts, or palming them off as hand-me-downs. At least Ingrid came up with way to repurpose hers: On the days we have pancakes for breakfast, we use […]

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Easier school lunch packing: designate a pantry “lunchbox zone”

My kids just started middle- and high school and I still hate packing their school lunches. The obvious retort is well, then, why don’t you get them to pack their own lunches? Because I also love packing their lunches. I should say: I love the nurturing, generous part of packing lunches. But I hate the details: […]

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Freeze french toast by the loaf for quick weekday toaster breakfasts

Jill’s simple tip makes french toast easy and quick enough for weekday mornings: Occasionally on a weekend, we’ll make a whole loaf of french toast, then freeze it. During the week, we just snap off a frozen slice and put it in the toaster. Egg and whole grain bread right there. If you add vanilla […]

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Your turn: Creative uses for…the binder clip

I love "new uses for old things" -style tips. The cheapskate declutterer in me can’t resist a) reusing an item I already have and/or b) avoiding buying another "unitasker" which will eventually make its way into the giveaway pile. As I’ve been sifting through the archives for book research, I’ve discovered that we’ve got the makings […]

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Why “art career” isn’t a contradiction in terms: my behind the scenes look at “The Boxtrolls”

Portland isn’t known for its show-biz glamour. We’ve got Portlandia and Grimm, but there’s not much celebrity glitz here in the Land of Clogs. So you might be surprised to know that just outside of town, housed in a generic set of suburban office buildings, is LAIKA Studios — premier creator of feature-length stop-motion animation […]

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Teach kids time management by writing on the clock

I’m on a deep dive in the Parent Hacks archives. It’s sort of like a treasure hunt; I’m looking for gems tucked among nine years’ worth of posts so I can polish them for the forthcoming Parent Hacks book. Many of the best hacks are hard to find because they’re hidden in the comments which the […]

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Apply nonstick cooking spray in front of the open dishwasher

Right now I’m on a deep dive in the Parent Hacks archives. It’s sort of like a treasure hunt; I’m looking for gems tucked among nine years’ worth of posts so I can polish them for the forthcoming Parent Hacks book. Many of the best hacks are hard to find because they’re hidden in the […]

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Organizing tweaks now that “back to school” has become “in school”

It happens every year. I associate my kids’ first week back at school with a return to routine and a predictable span of hours to work and think. Much as I’m sad to see summer fade, I think: it’s easier during the school year. But it isn’t. At least it isn’t right away. I forget that […]

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Turn baby food jars into LEGO storage

I’m deep in the research phase of my forthcoming Parent Hacks book.  I’m considering including illustrated lists of uses for exceptionally "hackable" items already lying around the house. Things like Ziploc bags, binder clips and…baby food jars. My oldest kid just started high school (and I mean just started today) and I still have baby food […]

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Last chance to unlock vaccine donations: #Blogust ends August 31

As you know (especially if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook), I’m a participant in this year’s Shot@Life #Blogust campaign to donate 60,000 vaccines to children in need. I set a goal of 500 vaccine donations for my Blogust post, What I Learned By Sending My Kids to Summer Camp. With your help, we not only hit that goal, we […]

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