Organizing tweaks now that “back to school” has become “in school”

It happens every year. I associate my kids’ first week back at school with a return to routine and a predictable span of hours to work and think. Much as I’m sad to see summer fade, I think: it’s easier during the school year.

But it isn’t.

At least it isn’t right away.

I forget that each year brings new routines. This year, my kids started middle- and high school, so the supplies, transportation and expectations are all different.

The back in "back to school" is also misleading, because the last time my kids went back to school, they were a year younger. They’ve grown in sophistication and competence, so our routines need change to reflect that.

Off to high school.

Back to school has gone beautifully in my house. Both kids have taken up the challenge of new schools and bigger responsibilities with gusto. It hasn’t always been this way, so it feels like a small miracle.

I’m also hard at work on a new book so I need the kids to take more responsibility for handling the daily details.

I’ve cleared space in my own mind by streamlining our family routines and organizing the kitchen and homework areas. Nothing too complicated:

There are tons more ideas floating around the Internet right now. One of my recent favorites is this collection of back to school organization projects at Modern Parents Messy Kids.

But finding, tracking and implementing new ideas comes with its own special version of overload. So try not to feel obligated to overhaul or perfect every aspect of your back to school routine. All my family needed were tweaks to what we were already doing, and I expect it will evolve as the year goes on.

How’s your September going? Have you come up with any back-to-school hacks you think might help someone else?

Share in the comments so we can give you a high five.

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