Last chance to unlock vaccine donations: #Blogust ends August 31

As you know (especially if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook), I’m a participant in this year’s Shot@Life #Blogust campaign to donate 60,000 vaccines to children in need.

I set a goal of 500 vaccine donations for my Blogust post, What I Learned By Sending My Kids to Summer Camp. With your help, we not only hit that goal, we surpassed it.

Thank you. Thank you so much. Reading your comments was so powerful. Special thanks to those of you who tweeted the link and encouraged friends to comment as well (Adrienne/@babytoolkit and Homa/@woodrumlaw, you come to mind right away).

All that warmth and generosity didn’t just feel good, it directly affected the lives of over 500 kids.

Blogust ends August 31, 2014 and there are still over 10K unclaimed vaccines campaign-wide. Will you help unlock every single vaccine donation?

If the answer is YES, here’s what to do right now (choose one or all):

Single-word comments, multiple comments…they all count. Here are links to every Blogust post.

(Not the post you’re reading right now; my original #Blogust post here.) Every comment on that post unlocks a vaccine.

(Not the post you’re reading right now; my original #Blogust post here.) Every social share using those buttons unlocks a vaccine.

Every original tweet containing #Blogust unlocks a vaccine.

So easy to fire up the Instagram app, search for #Blogust, and then double-tap each photo you see. I just "liked" 50 photos in a minute or two. 50 vaccines: donated.

Let’s do it. Thank you, friends. You’re the best.