Heat pancake syrup with your old bottle warmer

The bottle warmer is one of those baby gear items you just don’t need. (Am I right?) But that doesn’t stop people from giving them as baby shower gifts, or palming them off as hand-me-downs.

At least Ingrid came up with way to repurpose hers:

On the days we have pancakes for breakfast, we use our old Avent bottle warmer to warm up the bottle of maple syrup.

OK, fine. It’s just as easy to warm your syrup in the microwave, but this saves you a dirty dish AND it gives your bottle warmer reason to feel a little better about itself.

Three questions for you:

1. How do you warm your syrup? (Do you warm your syrup?)

2. Do you agree that the bottle warmer is one of those must-not-have baby care items? I’m willing to admit I’m wrong on this one.

3. Do you have a bottle warmer hack/reuse?

Let’s talk bottle warmers in the comments.

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