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Why You Should Allow Your Child to Spell on Their Own

Children have a hard time learning to spell because so many words are not phonetic in the English language.  With that being said when a child is first learning to read and write it is important that they be able to spell words on their own and learn to do so.  So many parents get […]

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Tips to Help Your Child Learn to Read

    Learning to read can be one of the most rewarding and exciting experiences for your child but it can also be one of the hardest and most challenging.  These tips will help you with helping your child to be successful on their journey to reading. Read to your child.  If you want a child […]

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Best Apps For Child Education

For the best apps for child education and development you have so many options.  It seems like the options are endless, no matter what operating system your cell phone uses.  Of course what you pick as an app will depend on what your child finds interesting and what you are trying to focus on for […]

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Pros and Cons of Boarding Schools

A boarding school experience can be greatly beneficial to a student or it can be something that seems to fail.  The biggest determinate in the outcome of boarding is school is how the student rises to the challenges that they face along the way.  Boarding school encourages students to learn on a number of different […]

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Ways to Save on Christmas Shopping

Christmas shopping can be overwhelming for everyone. For parents it can be especially trying. This can be even more so when one does not make much money. There is always going to be a desire to spoil children at Christmas time but by not doing so there are many creative ways that one can have […]

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Gift ideas that simplify holiday shopping (or don’t require shopping at all)

The joy of giving. It’s not just a holiday catchphrase, it’s REAL. We’ve all felt that particular warmth that comes when we tap into our generous nature. But as the holiday season rachets up, giving translates into shopping which, depending on the length of your gift list, turns into a slog. Even the name "Black Friday" sounds bleak, don’t you […]

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Book update: First draft SUBMITTED (and a thank you gift for you)

I JUST SUBMITTED THE FIRST DRAFT OF THE PARENT HACKS BOOK TO MY EDITOR. CAN YOU TELL I’M EXCITED ABOUT THIS? A photo posted by Asha Dornfest (@ashadornfest) on Nov 11, 2014 at 8:44pm PST This site exists because of hundreds of you were willing to share. People I didn’t know — busy people, aren’t […]

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Tips for Thanksgiving prep, travel, kids’ activities (Best of Parent Hacks)

Find out why doing less is the key to resourceful, thriving kids, and a calmer, happier YOU. Minimalist Parenting is an encouraging roadmap for decluttering your schedule, your home, and your vision for family life. Reviewers call it "a much welcome alternative to the usual parenting advice." Also available at Barnes & Noble or your […]

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Flying with kids: 5 smart family boarding strategies

Has family air travel gotten more difficult in recent years? I recently took a flight in which you had to pay extra for "preferred" aisle or window seating, another in which there were fees for both checked and carry-on baggage, and another where the only complimentary beverage was water. Fees for carry-on? Seriously? A few airlines […]

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Book update: First draft almost done

So much goodness swirled around this week, but I’ve barely looked up or shared any of it. I’m heads down finishing the manuscript for the Parent Hacks book, which is consuming most of my conscious thought at the moment. This is only the book’s beginning; my first attempt to transform what we’ve been doing here […]

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In support of teenage trick-or-treaters

My son, aka Unicorn Man I’m the mother of a 5-foot-10 high school freshman. He looks like a man, sounds like a man, and (at times) acts like a man, but he’s still trick-or-treating this Halloween. You know why this makes me happy? Not because of my sentimental need to hold onto his childhood a […]

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Not ready for Halloween? Here’s your 2-item to-do list.

You knew it was coming — who could miss it — but planning for Halloween, well…the time sort of slipped away. There’s no jack o’lantern on the doorstep, no costume laid out for trick-or-treating, and the decorations are packed away in a box somewhere. It’s not that you don’t care about Halloween — you want […]

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