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Treating The Toddler Cough

  When a parent first has an inclination their toddler is getting a cough, they try to do whatever is necessary to bring their sick child relief. Studies have shown that treating toddlers who suffer from colds and coughs should not be given OTC medications due to many of the dangerous side effects.  The toddler […]

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Best Toys For First Birthday Gift Ideas

Best Toys For First Birthday Gift Ideas   Your child is turning one and this is enough reason to celebrate. Most one-year-olds just get a thrill out of opening up presents, trying to untie the ribbon, and unwrapping the paper from the present. Here are some ideas for a first birthday gift.   First Birthday […]

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Teaching Teen Driving: A 7 Part Game Plan

If you’re a parent, you may have seen your teen’s video game driving skills and realized there’s some work to be done in getting them ready to drive the family car. Teen Driving: Go Over Driving Basics. There’s a lot to cover before they turn the key for the first time. Make sure they know […]

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How To Childproof Your Home

  Instead of worrying about your child being abducted or getting hurt from their day to day activities, think about your own home possibly being unsafe. Unintentional deaths are the leading cause of deaths in children ages 14 and under, and a third of those deaths happen at home. Your children have the highest risk […]

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5 Do’s and Don’ts For A Truly Creative Birthday Everyone Will Enjoy

Throwing a great party takes more effort than buying a matching decorations party pack. Parties where matching disposable paper products were the main effort can feel more… consumptive, rather than creative. Throwing a creative birthday party really comes down to thoughtfulness, and there are a few do’s and don’ts for throwing a party everyone will […]

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Tips On How To Lose The Baby Weight

From the moment we step into the “pregnancy-role,” our baby weight starts to emerge and accumulate on our bodies. The scheming then begins on how we are to drop these extra “pounds” once are little one arrives. Once your baby is born, your life will change. Don’t get scared. This is a good thing. After […]

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Grounding Your Kids – Does it Work?

We have all done it. Your kid does that one thing one more time that drives you crazy. Whether it is being late for dinner or playing rough in the house, the result is the same. You lose it and tell them they are grounded. Probably the same way your own parents did. But does […]

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Modern Day Parenting: Why Comparing Yourself To Others May Not Be A High Enough Standard

Though comparison is hardly ever a good idea, we naturally tend to get our bearings from what others are doing and from the ‘communal standard’ that helps shapes our expectations. It’s easy to look around at other parents, other families, and to feel pretty ok about how you’re doing with your own brood. Here’s why […]

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How Much Of Your Parent’s Advice Should You Take When Raising Your Own Kids?

The short answer is as much as you want. I remember holding my 12-hour-old son when my mother in law exclaimed: “Are you letting him fall asleep in your arms? Don’t do that, you’ll spoil him and then he won’t go down by himself!” The advice comes from all angles: “Cloth diapers?! Why would you […]

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How to Answer Your Children’s Questions About Other People’s Families

Today there is no clear definition of what a family is.  This can be confusing to a child who sees the different dynamics and begins to worry about their own family being normal.  Children are certain to ask a lot of questions and you have to be ready with clear and simple answers for them. […]

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Parenting Tip: Teaching How To Admit To Being Wrong

One of the hardest things that we as parents have to teach children is how to admit when they are wrong.  This is something that most adults do not even like to do, so it is a very hard concept for children to learn.  Now factor in that as parents we all make mistakes and […]

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Get Clicking With 5 Interactive Sites For Your Kids

The Internet doesn’t have to be a scary thing. It can also help give an educational boost for our children. Unfortunately, not every site is as child friendly as you think. If you want something fun and educational, check out these five interactive websites for kids.   1. Disney Jr.  If your child likes Mickey […]

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