Day: November 27, 2014


6 Battery-Free Baby Toys

Meet Lola the Cat. This Finn + Emma Teething Ring is fairtrade and hand-knit with 100 percent organic cotton by artisans in Peru. All the dyes are nontoxic and the hardwood is finished with beeswax.($29, The Green Toys Elephanton- Wheels is made in the U.S. from recycled, BPA- and phthalatefree milk jugs, and the […]

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8 Poses to Energize Your Morning

You may be wondering how to develop a morning yoga practice if you aren’t a morning person.  We’ve mentioned it in the past, and we will say it again—baby steps are the answer!  Rather than setting your alarm clock 90 minutes earlier than usual, start by taking baby steps.  Set yourself up for success by […]

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Caramel Chocolate Pecan Pie

I have a weird and complicated relationship with pecan pie. We get so many requests for pecan pie, especially around this time of year, but I’ve always resisted due to lingering deep-seated tweenage rebellion. But. I kind of love pecan pie. Don’t tell anyone. I mean, if I’m faced with a Thanksgiving cheesecake and pecan […]

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Tips for Thanksgiving prep, travel, kids’ activities (Best of Parent Hacks)

Find out why doing less is the key to resourceful, thriving kids, and a calmer, happier YOU. Minimalist Parenting is an encouraging roadmap for decluttering your schedule, your home, and your vision for family life. Reviewers call it "a much welcome alternative to the usual parenting advice." Also available at Barnes & Noble or your […]

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