Ways to Save on Christmas Shopping

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Christmas shopping can be overwhelming for everyone. For parents it can be especially trying. This can be even more so when one does not make much money. There is always going to be a desire to spoil children at Christmas time but by not doing so there are many creative ways that one can have even better Christmas memories. Plus they are teaching children about things that are more important than material possessions.

Get Creative with Letters to Santa

Each year there are a number of ways that one might be tempted to write letters to Santa. A few years ago there were a TON of popular posts on different social media forums about how to teach children to write letters to Santa. These steps to a perfect Santa letter really help you child to make a list that is short and something that is likely to be easily affordable.

Thank Santa for gift from previous year.
Have child write about one thing that they need.
Have child write about one thing that they would like to read.
Have child write about one thing that they want.

By having the child choose just one thing that they want it makes it easy for them to not be disappointed on Christmas morning. Plus it will keep the magic alive just a little bit longer.

Encourage Children to Ask for the One Thing They Want Most

Children are bombarded with advertisements and media that is geared at making them want it all. Instead of allowing the child to fall into that trap let the child find one thing that they would like more than anything else. Then encourage the child to ask for that one thing for Christmas.

Teach About Giving Instead of Receiving

Talk to children about the importance of giving during the holiday season. See if there are places where one could donate old toys/stuffed animals that children no longer play with. Ask children to help determine a great way to give to someone in need as well.

Finally talk to children about the gifts that they are going to be purchasing for each other. Allow each child to pick out a gift for every member in the family.

Cut Back

Do not be afraid to cut back. There are times when it might be possible to do more and those years might be better but when it is not possible do not feel guilty and choose to cut back some so that children do not grow up missing the point of the holiday season.

Think About Things The Kids Need

Children have a hard time grasping the concepts of needs. Talk to children about the things that they need and could not live without. Discuss those needs with them and what they might think would be a fun Christmas gift from the things that they need.

Set a Budget and Stick to It

Finally figure out how much one can afford to spend. Then do not spend about that amount. Keep amounts the same and remind children that sometimes things cost more than other things so one child might get more packages than another.

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