Tips On How To Lose The Baby Weight


From the moment we step into the “pregnancy-role,” our baby weight starts to emerge and accumulate on our bodies. The scheming then begins on how we are to drop these extra “pounds” once are little one arrives. Once your baby is born, your life will change. Don’t get scared. This is a good thing. After you get on a schedule with your little one, you need to make a plan of action and stick to it. The good news is that your baby weight will eventually go, if in fact you do dedicate yourself. If you wallow in pity, it will not. First and foremost, your mind has to be right. Once that happens, you can anything. Many moms can get the weight right off and some have to work a little harder. No matter what, you can do it. Here are some tips on how to work your way back to that pre-pregnancy bod..or even better!


Even though you are sleep-deprived and overwhelmed from having a newborn, think about exercise. Most women won’t be ready until after six weeks, due to doctors orders but get the idea in your mind. When you are able to move, start by walking short distances, around the block is a good start. If this feels good, go farther the next day and stay in a pattern of progression. You should be able to walk about 20 to 30 minutes a day three to five times a week. If all is clear with the doctor and you are alone with your baby, get down on the floor and do sit-ups or even push ups. Just MOVE!


Breastfeeding is a wonderful way to lose weight. It shouldn’t be your main motivation but it will help. In your diet alone, make sure to consume an extra 500 calories a day because breastfeeding burns 600 to 800 calories a day. Just by sitting there and enjoying your baby, you will be losing weight. How awesome. There are those lucky moms who can drop all of their baby weight, and then some, through breastfeeding alone. Even though you are losing weight breastfeeding, get your body in a pattern of eating well. You won’t be breastfeeding forever so when you stop, your calories also stop.


Men typically are found at the gym using weights while women are on the treadmill running. Weight training will go along way, in fact, it will speed up your metabolism. Incoroprate your baby into your weight training routine. Hold your baby to your chest and do lunges or even do lunges on your walk while he’s in the stroller. When laying down, hold your baby above your chest and slowly press him up toward the ceiling several times. This alone can help lose weight because your increasing your muscle tone.


Taking a siesta has been shown to aid in weightloss because your not eating when your sleeping. Strange cycles can cause you to be up with your baby and snacking late at night. These strange cycles can upset your metabolism and make it harder for you to lose the weight. Try and get your baby in a routine as soon as possible. That way you can know what to expect and plan accordingly.


It can be very beneficial to make friends that are moms so that you both can exercise together. A lot of moms get stuck in the same routine and never come out of the house because they feel they’re alone. Many women love conversation and this is the best way to not feel like your missing out. Pals can encourage each other to establish set times to exercise and cheer one another on. Your not alone and once you find a good “mommy friend,” you will be set.

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