5 Do’s and Don’ts For A Truly Creative Birthday Everyone Will Enjoy

Throwing a great party takes more effort than buying a matching decorations party pack. Parties where matching disposable paper products were the main effort can feel more… consumptive, rather than creative. Throwing a creative birthday party really comes down to thoughtfulness, and there are a few do’s and don’ts for throwing a party everyone will enjoy.

Do Send Personal and Informative Invites:

  • Personal invites add flair to even the most casual party, sending mail to children is also very special. The invitation should include everything the guests need to know; some basics include:
  • Whether parents are expected to stay, if not, indicate the drop off and pick up times.
  • Whether or not a meal will be served; for an 11am or 3pm party, indicate if only cake and drinks will be served in order to avoid a room full of people hoping for an early or late lunch.
  • What the kids need to bring to the event. For instance, a party scheduled between meal times where only birthday cake and beverages will be served should indicate so on the invitation. No one wants a room full of hungry toddlers who were expecting a late lunch.
  • Indicate any clothing expectations like princess dresses or bathing suits.
  • Options for RSVP contact information: email, phone, or facebook.
  • Directions to the party or simply the address.

Whether gifts are expected. And don’t do one of those gift statements where you say gifts aren’t needed—their presence is enough of a present—but then also include an amazon link for a gift registry. People just want to know if everyone is bringing gifts or not. Be clear one way or the other.


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