How to Answer Your Children’s Questions About Other People’s Families

Today there is no clear definition of what a family is.  This can be confusing to a child who sees the different dynamics and begins to worry about their own family being normal.  Children are certain to ask a lot of questions and you have to be ready with clear and simple answers for them.  As a mom of four, my children have asked me a lot of questions over the years.  I thought that I would share these questions with you along with some suggestions for how to answer them.


Why does she have two moms and no dad (could also be two dads and no mom)? 

One of my biggest goals as a parent is to have understanding and tolerant children.  I have a very hard time with people who do not teach these values to their children.  So when I was asked why someone did not have a dad and was being raised by two moms I was not quite sure how to answer.  I talked to my child about the situation and then told my child that sometimes a mommy loves another mommy instead of a daddy.  I explained that this was okay and that we can all love anyone we want.  I have since heard her telling others about how love can look different for everyone.

answering questions about families

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