Alondra Luna Nunez From Mexico Forcibly Removed And Returned

alondra luna nunez

Teenager from Mexico Forcibly Removed and Returned

A 14-year-old girl, Alondra Luna Nunez, was taken from her middle school in Mexico by Mexican Federal Police and taken to Texas. In Texas Dorotea Garcia awaited, she had claimed the girl was her daughter and had been kidnapped by her father. In 2007 The Foreign Ministry had received a request from Garcia for her daughter’s return reported CBS News.

Garcia had been to Mexico earlier this year and claimed that she had recognized her daughter, which instigated the use of Interpol to find her and bring her back “home.”

The girl’s name is Alondra Luna Nunez, she told The Associated Press that while she was very upset at first she was able to eventually calm down because believed that the mistake would be resolved.

NBC News recounted that the girl’s family tried to persuade authorities that they were making a mistake and that the girl was not Garcia’s daughter, but they did not listen. Instead Alondra was put on a bus to Houston, with a birth certificate and a warrant.

According to CNN the girl was delivered to the United States before her identity was confirmed. The Mexican Consulate ordered that the girl’s DNA be tested once she had made it to Houston. The results finally confirmed that the girl was not Garcia’s daughter. Alondra Luna Nunez was allowed to return home and was awaited by 2 dozen family members waiting to celebrate her arrival.

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