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Racist Facebook Rant Gets Teacher Fired

Racist Facebook Rant Gets Teacher Fired The McKinney pool party video that went viral last week has sent reverberations throughout the country. But nowhere has it been more obvious than in the town of McKinney itself. There a now former elementary school teacher was fired for her racist Facebook rant in reaction to the resignation […]

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Alondra Luna Nunez From Mexico Forcibly Removed And Returned

Teenager from Mexico Forcibly Removed and Returned A 14-year-old girl, Alondra Luna Nunez, was taken from her middle school in Mexico by Mexican Federal Police and taken to Texas. In Texas Dorotea Garcia awaited, she had claimed the girl was her daughter and had been kidnapped by her father. In 2007 The Foreign Ministry had […]

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Tabitha Anne Bennett Under Fire For Instigating Fight

Tabitha Anne Bennett Under Fire For Instigating Fight Tabitha Anne Bennett from Pasco County, Florida, a 34-year-old mother instigated a physical fight between her 13-year-old daughter and another 14-year-old girl. Bennett claimed that her daughter was being bullied and wanted to give her an opportunity to “get even,” reported China Topix. Bennet has been charged […]

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Easter Egg Hunt Made Possible For The Blind

With Easter right around the corner there will be lots of fun to be had with colorful Easter Eggs, Easter Bunnies and egg hunts. In 2005, David Hyche got creative when it came to his blind daughter participating in an Easter Egg hunt. Knowing that his daughter wanted to be able to search for the […]

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Can a Mother Be Too Dumb to Care for Her Kids?

You have to wonder what Scotland’s Fife County were thinking when they declared that Kerry McDougall was a mother too dumb to be able to care for her own children. Yet Kerry, born with a cleft palate that left her speech slow, is by many standards an outstanding mother. Her husband Mark would leave for […]

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