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Raising Your Kid To Love Reading

One of the best ways to increase your child’s IQ is to read to them and instill a love of reading. Kids become lifelong readers for many different reasons, but getting them to pick up a book without being told is key. Getting them to become an avid reader starts when their young, but there […]

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Summer Swimming is Fun for the Whole Family

Summer Swimming is Fun for the Whole Family Whether your kid is part mermaid and always in the water or a shy swimmer who stays in the shallow end, summer swimming, especially as a family is upon us. Now that the summer season is here, it is the perfect time to sign you kids up […]

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Choosing The Best Baby Wrap

Choosing The Best Baby Wrap It’s not that difficult to see why moms and dads love wearing their babies in slings and baby wraps. The convenience of being able to do various tasks during the day, while using both hands, is by far one of the best things about “baby wearing.” Mothers also love the […]

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The Best And Most Nutritious Drinks For Toddlers

The Best And Most Nutritious Drinks For Toddlers There are tons of types of nutritious drinks for toddlers, so it may be hard for parents to figure out which ones are the healthy drinks and which are the ones your toddler can live without. Parents often find themselves choosing drinks that are convenient, rather than […]

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Did Cannabis Helps Autistic Child Speak?

Did Cannabis Helps Autistic Child Speak? Young Kalel Santiago has had a difficult life from the start. Diagnosed with cancer at ten months, he was pronounced cancer-free at three. But no sooner was that corner turned then he was found to have severe non-verbal autism. By the time he reached the age of nine he […]

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All About The MMR Vaccine

All About The MMR Vaccine The MMR vaccine protects a child against three viruses which include: measles, mumps, and rubella (German Measles).   The first virus the MMR protects against is called the measles. The measles is a highly contagious illness that has once affected almost every child, but has been reduced because of the vaccine. […]

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From Mommy to Mama and More

From Mommy to Mama and More When you first bring that bundle of joy home you just can’t wait to hear their first words. Of course, what you want to hear from them is “mommy” and for most kids that is the moniker that sticks, at least at first. But have you noticed the switch […]

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The Real Threat of Teenagers And Sexting

The Real Threat of “Sexting” Sexting is defined as a sexually explicit message usually sent as a text message from one person to another. As long as a sext takes place between two mature and consenting adults, there is nothing wrong with sending such a message, although it’s usually not recommended. As we’ve all learned […]

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Teaching Your Child Manners

Teaching Your Child Manners Every parent dreams of raising their child to be polite and have good manners, saying “please and “thank you,” after every question asked. Our children are a reflection of how we parent, and if their behavior is poor, all eyes are on us. When parents understand the core principals of good […]

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Toy Safety For All Children At Home

Toy Safety For All Children At Home Toy safety is no amusing matter.  The U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission stated in 2010, more than 250,000 children visited the emergency room for toy-related injuries. Innocent toys that might seem appropriate are presenting safety issues and pose risk being made with toxic chemicals. So how do you […]

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DIY Backyard Games You Can Build Yourself

DIY Backyard Games You Can Build Yourself  Summer is coming and we all know what that means. Before even the first week of summer holidays is gone your kids will be complaining they are bored and having nothing to do. Well here are some great do-it-yourself projects and games they can do in the backyard […]

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Five Tips To Keep Your Kids Away From Marijuana

Five Tips To Keep Your Kids Away From Marijuana With four states and one district now legally allowing the recreational use of marijuana; are your kids safe? Many opponents to the growing trend point to a need to keep kids away from marijuana by making it illegal everywhere. But if you live in a state […]

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