Stages Of An Overdue Pregnancy

Stages Of An Overdue Pregnancy

overdue pregnancy

Even though a pregnant expectant mother has the due date imprinted in her mind, and on every single calendar, she still knows that this is just an estimated date of arrival. This date toward the end starts to linger more and more as the days get closer to the time the baby is due where an overdue pregnancy may present itself.  Here are the stages of an overdue pregnancy that women go through.


The Beginning.

The due date the doctor told you (and every app on your phone). The ETA of your child is here and you’ve been waiting forever and today’s the day. Your hospital bag is by the door, the nursery is ready to go with blankets stocked and laundry is put in order. The car seat is installed. Pain hasn’t even started. Where is she?


Anxiety Starts.

You’ve started to think that you can take these matters into your own hands and start this labor on your own. You research all the possible ways to naturally induce pregnancy, 100 times a day and try all the advice. You’ve sipped on pregnancy tea, walked longer than you did a week ago, called your husband home for a quickie, and then again when he got home, ordered the spiciest meal you can find. Despite all you’ve tried, she’s still not here.


Getting Annoyed.

Remember all the people you told the due date to? Yes, those people are calling you non-stop and texting all day long wondering if you can send pictures of your baby. You write back “still waiting.”


Fear Sets In.

You’re more than three days past the due date and this is when you fear the worst during an overdue pregnancy. An induction. You’ve read up on how painful it is and this wouldn’t be your last resort if you had a last resort. But then again, your little one is inside you and if this is recommended -let’s do this.



You’ve exercised all options and are starting to think your little one is never going to come. They’ve found an eternal home and they’ll stay in there forever. Maybe that’s what is supposed to happen? Overdue pregnancy forever?


Labor Begins.

You start feeling jolts of pain in your abdomen, and think is this real? The pain increases and gets more intense. It almost doesn’t seem real but all you can think of is getting to the hospital to meet your little one.



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