Cyber Monday!

So many exciting things to tell you about today! (And pssst, there’s a giveaway at the end of this post, so make sure you read all the way down!)

Since it’s officially Cyber Monday (Ok, you west-coasters are getting it a little early since I’m posting this late Sunday night), we figured it was the perfect day to unveil our brand new shop!  Our old site got a complete makeover, so we hope you’ll take a peek today and see what’s new!  Click around on the different tabs and explore.

You’ll find some brand new things on the new site that we’re SO excited about. First up:

Guys.  I wish we had some sort of taste-o-vision.  Kate and I are both obsessed with this stuff.  First of all, it’s in a beautiful, extra tall, cork-topped bottle.  We’re a little bit in love with that rainbow-stripe label, too.

But it’s not just a pretty face.  Inside that bottle is a mix of our premium extra virgin olive oil, aged dark balsamic vinegar, and ton of herbs and spices.  Give it a gentle shake and pour it out for the perfect dip.  I honestly ate almost that entire 2ft baguette shown in the picture because I couldn’t stop dipping.

Since it’s got everything right in one bottle, it’s great used for more than just dipping.  I LOVE drizzling it on top of a sub sandwich or hoagie.  It also makes an amazing salad dressing, or a marinade for chicken, steak, or fish.  It’s an all-around delicious and useful mix, and that pretty bottle makes such a lovely gift.  (Find it –> here)

Two other new things you’ll find:

These are both available in our small bottles and while the two of them are fantastic on their own, they are killer when paired together.  I think for the entire month of October I made myself a salad with chicken, diced apples, feta, red onions, and toasted pecans and drizzled it with a little of each of these.  I also love roasting vegetables with the orange oil (Brussels sprouts and green beans were favorites) and then drizzling with the raspberry balsamic after.  The bright, sweet combination is fantastic, and look how beautiful the labels look together!

Another change you’ll see is that we now carry or ENTIRE flavor line in our small sampler bottles.  This is a great way to test out flavors to find your favorites!

You can now choose your own bundles.  Just click on the Variety Packs link, and you’ll find all of the flavors available.  You can just click on the ones you want to add to your bundle.

This includes our bestselling Gift Box set, which now comes with any four flavors you choose, all nestled in a sweet box for you.

Tie a ribbon on that bad boy and it’s ready to go under the tree!

Another great gift option is our 2-Pack bundle (on sale today).  These are our standard size bottles (250ml) shown on the icon below.

Pick any two flavors (Chili and Lime make a beautiful Red & Green display!) and you can also grab a cute gift box to go along with it.

Tie a cute ribbon on and you’re set!  These make the most beautiful gifts.

Lastly, it wouldn’t be Cyber Monday without a deal…

GIVEAWAY: Go check out the new shop, come back and leave a comment telling us what flavor you’re dying to try, and we’ll send a bottle off to one of you!  Happy Shopping!