Healthy Snacks For Pregnant Mommies

Healthy Snacks For Pregnant Mommies

Putting nutritious and healthy snacks in your body can be one of the best gifts you can give your sweet, precious baby. Here are some delicious quick and healthy snacks for any mother-to-be.

Healthy Snacks: Chia Seed Pudding.

Chia seeds are tasteless, but packed with all the good stuff: omega 3‘s, fiber and protein, and you can add them to virtually anything. Especially delicious pudding. In a small bowl, add one can of coconut milk, one teaspoon of vanilla, three tablespoons of maple syrup and whisk together. When your done mixing the ingredients, add one-third cup of chia seeds and stir. Cover and put in fridge for two hours before serving. Eat and be amazed.

Healthy Snacks

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