Day: October 25, 2014


Make Your Pregnancy Workouts Really Work

Yeah, yeah, it’s easy for taut fitness pros to tell you to work out during your pregnancy—what with their lack of swollen feet or heartburn. We chased down realistic advice from trainers who’ve been there. “My babies were large—in fact, my daughter was more than 10 pounds at birth—so arm, core and back exercises were […]

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#TBT: The celebration of color

A couple of you suggested I just boycot the color thing, which would be a perfectly sane thing for a mother of four with intact boundaries to do.  However, a) I have no boundaries and an instense need to follow the rules and be liked by my son’s teacher, and b) Jafta is anxious about doing […]

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#YogaWithTFM November Challenge!

Our November yoga challenge has not yet been announced on Instagram, but we wanted to give our @TwoFitMoms followers a sneak peak of what’s to come next month. Here are the 10 poses we will be covering starting on November 1.

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Apple Spice Sour Cream Bundt Cake (and Baking Giveaway!)

Is anyone else in the full swing of fall baking yet?? I’ve kind of been baking like crazy lately. It’s always kind of therapeutic for me when I’m feeling stressed (as long as I can talk someone else into doing the dishes for me!), so I’ve kind of been decompressing after our book-writing experience by […]

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Cork Board Spider Web Craft

This spider web craft is not only an adorable addition to your Halloween craft display ( am I the only one with a mantel full of kid made stuff? ) it is also a wonderful activity that develops the pincer grasp , a major part of fine motor skills. By pushing those thumbtacks in, pulling […]

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