Nine steps for avoiding racist costumes at Halloween

2. Do not wear racist costumes.

This one should go without saying: If you don’t want to be racist this Halloween, don’t wear racist costumes.

3. It’s okay to dress up as a person whose race is different from your own.

4. Let your child’s interest determine their costume.

5. Say no to blackface.

6. Do not adjust features for race.

7. Don’t perpetuate negative stereotypes.

8. Don’t perpetuate negative stereotypes ON A CHILD.

9. Did I mention don’t perpetuate racist stereotypes?

In some of the circles I’m in, there has been a lot of discussion about whether or not we should allow our children to dress up as people of different races. I’m still of the opinion that we shouldn’t limit our kids, but I do think there is some tension when the characters are so stereotyped that it veers into cultural appropriation.