Did Cannabis Helps Autistic Child Speak?

Did Cannabis Helps Autistic Child Speak?

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Young Kalel Santiago has had a difficult life from the start. Diagnosed with cancer at ten months, he was pronounced cancer-free at three. But no sooner was that corner turned then he was found to have severe non-verbal autism. By the time he reached the age of nine he still had not said his first word and his parents worried that he never would. Desperate to find help they came upon a controversial treatment. They heard that cannabis helps autistic kids and used an oral spray called Hemp Health to great results. Within two days of trying it, Kalel made his first words.

Many Claim Cannabis Helps Autistic Symptoms

Kalel’s parents were by no means the first parents to use a form of cannabis to help with their autistic child. Many parent groups including the Autism Support Network have documented cases where cannabis helps autistic kids in a variety of ways. But the Santiago family used a product that removes the psychoactive ingredient to approach using cannabis to help the autistic in a different way.

More Study Needed

In both instances it must be pointed out that there have been no clinical studies that prove cannabis helps autistic or other medical symptoms. But Kalel’s story is not the first and many such stories abound. Within days of using the spray he began to recite his vowels at school and soon was saying phrases such as I love you mama. If there was ever a story that shows we need more testing on medical marijuana to see how much of what it’s supporters claim is true, this is it.


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