From Mommy to Mama and More

From Mommy to Mama and More

Mommy to Mama

When you first bring that bundle of joy home you just can’t wait to hear their first words. Of course, what you want to hear from them is “mommy” and for most kids that is the moniker that sticks, at least at first. But have you noticed the switch from mommy to mama – usually when they start school? My theory is they don’t want to be seen as “dorky little kids” at school, and so mama sounds much more sophisticated to their little ears. Fair enough, as long as it is me they are calling.

Mommy To Mama – The Pre-Tween Years

The transition is a gradual one that sneaks up on most moms. That cute little voice that says she needs you in her call to “Mommy” changes with the arrival of “mama”. Now the distance, the need to be able to handle things herself appears. The call to “mama” is for school chums to know that yes, this is my mother and she is great at providing the basics in life. Namely the snacks for break and a ride home after. Not quite the same as the little tyke calling out “mommy” when she needs help reaching her favorite toy. But moms if anything are flexible, so I take Mama when it arrives with grace.

Just Call Me Mom

Ah but then we see the final phase, the “Mom” phase. It is that teen name that encompasses the long vowel pronunciation when she needs more space. Mine started with this around the time slumber parties with her friends got to be all nighters and diaries were firmly locked. No mommies or mamas allowed to this party, it is Mom or rather Mooooom all the way. I guess I just have to admit that my little girl is growing up. But sometimes at night when we are watching television, I still get that “mommy come site with me” call when we get to the scary bits. A mom has to take her cuddles where she can.

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