Raising Your Kid To Love Reading

Raising a child

One of the best ways to increase your child’s IQ is to read to them and instill a love of reading. Kids become lifelong readers for many different reasons, but getting them to pick up a book without being told is key. Getting them to become an avid reader starts when their young, but there is plenty you can do now. 

Model The Behavior
Children are continually modeling our behavior and watching everything we do. Parents have a huge responsibility influencing their own children to have an appreciation of books, giving their own thoughts and opinions about literature. If this is never modeled, children will never have this important habit ingrained into their childhood.

Limit Technology
The bottom line is this: If children are never given the opportunity to shut off the computer, Ipad or TV, there is no way they’ll learn to love reading. Banning screen time until reading is well established might be the best thing you can do.

Read To Them At The Earliest Of Age
As soon as you have your little one, get in the habit of reading to them and not just at bedtime. Buy simple board books and cloth books so your child will be able to use these as their first toys. Get in the habit of creating a ritual of cozy time that you two can have reading together. As your child grows, they will learn to love this reading-time together. 

Don’t Force Your Child To Read
Children learn to read by practicing and repetition. It should be a natural form of learning, not a forced learning. If you spend the whole time teaching your child how to read, this will take the fun out of reading, making it feel forced. If your child is put on the spot when they aren’t ready, this will make them feel dumb, lasting their entire life.

Never Stop Reading To Them, Even When They Learn To Read
Parents make this very simple mistake and stop reading to their child the minute they learn to read. As you read to them, they learn so many things and their skills develop even more. When a parent reads to their child, this helps them to stay interested in the love of reading, keeping them fascinated in the world of many different books.

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