5 Summer Play Date Ideas


Once the real days of summer hits you can bet that you will begin to hear a very familiar chorus from your kids. It goes something like this: “Mom – I’m bored!” or that great variation on a theme, “Mom – there’s nothing to do!” But instead of getting frustrated, why not invite their friends over for a summer play date with one or two of these great ideas to make the day into a fun feast for everyone.

1.  Slip and Slide

No you don’t have to go out and spend cash on the game; you can make your own. This site shows you how to do it in a local park. You can also make it in your backyard if you have the space. For those long hot summer days, you just can’t beat this!

2.  Water Balloon Pinatas

This very wet variation on the traditional child’s game is perfect for summer play date backyard playing. Just create a line for hanging, add a row of water filled balloons and a nice big bat or broom handle. Make sure the kids are well out of the way as each one gets blindfolded and has a chance at bat. Splash!

3.  Make a Lemonade Stand

You actually get two fun projects from this. The first one when they design and put together the stand from old sheets and a card table is bound to keep them busy. The second one, of course, is the afternoon they spend selling the lemonade. Decide before you start whether they will donate the money to a favorite charity or blow it all on ice cream.

4.  Hunting for Dinosaurs

If you have kids who love to hear about archeology, they will love this! Take a few of the kid’s small toys and put them in a big plastic bag of water in the freezer. You will then have a giant ice cube with treasures inside! Then bring it outside for the kids to chip at or pour water over to find the treasures. Great for a hot summer play date as they dig the ice and of course make a giggly wet mess.

5.  Summer Play Date Scavenger Hunt

Kids still love these and if you live near a park they can spread out and make it an afternoon of hunting. Make a list of things for them to find and give each child a bag for their found treasures. Some parents like to hide the items the day before, but you can also do a nature scavenger hunt. Either way, the kids will love the competition and sense of discovery.

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