Target Policy is Fair to Nursing Mothers


A photo posted on Mama’s Milkies Facebook page and then later on Breastfeeding Mama Talk Facebook Group earlier in July attracted a lot of attention from followers. The photo was a hazy picture someone had taken Target’s policy when it comes to mothers breastfeeding in their store reported TODAY.

The Policy states:

Guests may openly breastfeed in our stores or ask where they can go to breastfeed their child. When this happens, remember these points:

  • Target’s policy supports breastfeeding in any area of our stores, including our fitting rooms, even if others are waiting
  • If you see a guest breastfeeding in our stores, do not approach her
  • If she approaches and asks you for a location to breastfeed, offer the fitting room (do not offer the restroom as an option) 

Many users have responded positively to the photos. One user commented, “Good work to them for getting it right and training their staff properly on this especially love ‘do not offer the restroom as an option’…so many other places have been guilty of this!!” another commented, “I will be shopping more at Target! It’s so hard to be breastfeeding an infant and get out of the house for necessities. Thank you Target for supporting me and my baby!”

This is a very positive turnaround for Target which had to deal with a “nurse-in” in 2011. The nurse-in consisted of nursing moms going into hundreds of Target stores and nursing their babies in public. It occurred after a Texas mother was harassed numerous times by Target employees when she quietly sat in the corner of a target store, covered up, and nursed her baby.

Since then Target has changed the way they approach the situation. Target told TODAY, “We want all of our guests to feel comfortable shopping with us,” the retailer said. “Our breastfeeding policy, which applies to all stores, is just one of the ways in which we support our guests.”

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