Florida Teens Still Missing


The search is still on for two boys that went missing on Friday when they went out fishing, their boat was found capsized on Sunday night. The two boys, Austin Stephanos and Perry Cohen, are both 14-years-old and had been given permission by their parents to take their 19-foot boat out to go fishing. Their parents reported them missing at 5 p.m. when they were supposed to return home but had not.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reported that the single-engine fishing boat was found 180 miles north of where the boys had started their trip.

The boys had been expected to stay close but there is reason to believe they may have been headed to the Bahamas where they have previously vacationed, according to Heavy. They were last seen buying $110 worth of fuel before getting on their boat.

Both boys are experienced when it comes to fishing and boating, their parents have repeatedly said that they have been “on the water” all their lives and are confident that their boys are out alive, waiting to be found, reports CNN. The missing boys have started online debate about whether the parents were being negligent in letting their boys go off on their own. Many have come to their defense saying that boating is a way of life where the boys are from and this could not have been anticipated.

The US Coast Guard has been updating its Twitter, saying that it is continuing its search for the boys. The San Diego Union-Tribune also reports that the search for the boys will go on indefinitely. It is estimated that “under the current condition a person could survive in the water four to five days.”