Do’s & Don’ts of Throwing Your Toddler A Birthday Party

toddler party

Having a toddler is a wonderful adventure. After all, their into everything and chasing them all day long is the real adventure. So when it comes time to thinking of what you’ll plan for your ever-so social child now that their a year older, might be tricky. When it comes to planning a smooth and entertaining party for your little one, here are some things you may want to think of first before setting anything in stone: 

Do Your Research

Before planning anything, do some research pertaining to what preschoolers and toddlers find entertaining. If your settled on having clowns or live cartoon characters, you might want to think of something else. The idea of cartoon characters and clowns may be nice, but could easily freak out little ones.

Plan Age-Appropriate Activities

When it comes to having a birthday for a toddler, it’s best to plan activities that aren’t for kids who have long attention spans. If you want to have a scavenger hunt for the little ones, that may need to wait until your little one is a little older. You may want to opt for having the kids do a craft like decorating their own party hat, or their own canvas. Make sure you have supplies for everyone or at least have enough to go around because toddler sharing isn’t their strong suit.

Ask Your Toddler For Advice

It’s important to make the big decisions for your toddler’s birthday, but you can let your toddler have some say when it comes to the little things. This will give your little one a sense of ownership and control over the big day, and they don’t need to make every decision. They can give you ideas of what to have the party themed or even get their opinion when it comes to cake flavoring.

Keep It Short and Sweet

This simple thing of knowing when to call it quits is very important when it comes to having a successful birthday. When deciding on a time to have the party, think of the best time your child is in a good mood. Typically having a party first thing in the morning or late in the afternoon is best. Remember to keep the time to a maximum of an hour to an hour and a half.

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