Mitchelle Blair Sentenced To Life In Prison


The Detroit mother of four, Mitchelle Blair, who pleaded guilty to killing two of her children has been sentenced to life in prison, with no possibility of parole. According to Detroit News. Blair pleaded guilty to killing her two children and then storing their bodies in a freezer. The children’s bodies were found in a freezer when Blair was being evicted.

In June, when Blair was entering her plea of, “guilty” she told the court what she had done to her children, in graphic detail. My Fox Detroit reported that Blair told the court she had “definitely meant to kill” her 13-year-old daughter Stoni, she admitted that on previous occasions she had burned her with hot water.

Blair testified that she did not feel any remorse for what she did to Stoni, because she had found out that Stoni and her 9-year-old son Steven had been allegedly raping her son who was 6-years-old at the time. Stoni was killed in 2012 when Blair suffocated her with a plastic bag.

In 2013, Blair became aware that Steven had continued to rape her youngest son. She proceeded to place plastic bags over his head, choke him with a belt, punch and kick him, burn his genital area with scalding water and make him drink Windex. She told the court that she had not meant to murder him but knows her actions were what led him to die.

CBS News reports that Blair feels no remorse and refers to the deceased children as “demons.” When the judge told Blair that she had imposed the death penalty on her own children, Blair replied, “I did.”