Free-Range Parenting Couple Cleared in One of Two Investigations

Free-Range Couple Cleared in One of Two Investigations

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The Maryland couple, Alexander and Danielle Meitiv which was put under investigation by Child Protective Services (CPS) on two separate occasions has been cleared on one charge of unsubstantiated neglect.

The Meitivs attracted a lot of attention for their free-range parenting style. They allowed their ten-year-old son and six-year-old daughter to walk home alone from the park. The Meitiv’s allowed their children to do this because they believe that a free-range parenting style allows children to explore and be independent, according to The Washington Post.

On May 18, the family received some good news, the initial incident had been cleared by CPS. Mrs. Meitiv was quoted saying, “What we’re hoping this means is that they recognize we never should have been on their radar. Nothing we have done should have triggered an investigation.”

However, the family is still waiting to hear whether CPS will clear them for the second incident on April 12.

Matthew Dowd, the Meitiv’s attorney told MyMCMedia, that because the Meitiv’s constitutional rights were violated by CPS they would be proceeding with a civil action suit. According to Dowd, “There is a strong Supreme Court case law that a government agency can’t interfere with parenting responsibilities unless there is actual harm shown.”

The case will be filed against CPS and Montgomery County Police. The police held the Meitiv’s children for 4 hours on April 12 before their parents were notified of their children’s whereabouts.

According to CNN, CPS has 60 days left to finish its investigation and issue a written decision.

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