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TalkingTo Your Kid About Safety

A parents worst nightmare can happen to anyone of us, at any given time. What’s more important is to make sure your child is well-taught and they understand what to do if that would happen. The most important thing to tell your child, “If we get separated, stay calm and follow the safety rules I […]

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Mother and Two Children Still Missing Because of Texas Flood

Mother and Two Children Still Missing Because of Texas Flood Heavy rains in Texas and Oklahoma last week caused massive flooding being dubbed as the Texas flood. According to FOX News, because of the floods 17 people have died and 40 have gone missing. In addition to that, 4,000 homes and properties have been damaged and […]

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Free-Range Parenting Couple Cleared in One of Two Investigations

Free-Range Couple Cleared in One of Two Investigations The Maryland couple, Alexander and Danielle Meitiv which was put under investigation by Child Protective Services (CPS) on two separate occasions has been cleared on one charge of unsubstantiated neglect. The Meitivs attracted a lot of attention for their free-range parenting style. They allowed their ten-year-old son […]

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Controversial Joey Salads Shows Child Abduction Too Easy

Controversial Joey Salads Shows Child Abduction Too Easy Do you think your kids are safe from being abducted by strangers? Joey Salad says otherwise. While many viewers know Joey Saladino as Joey Salads, a prankster that loves to poke fun, he has a serious side as well. That side came out recently when he showed […]

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Local Pizza Hut App Rescued Hostage and Kids

Local Pizza Hut App Rescued Hostage and Kids There is one woman in Florida that is thanking her lucky stars she is not only a regular customer of the local Pizza Hut, but has their app on her phone. Not only had the Pizza Hut app rescued hostage Cheryl Treadway when her boyfriend held her […]

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The Surprising Sources Of BPA Exposure

The Surprising Sources Of BPA Exposure BPA exposure is widespread. BPA is found in 93 percent of the US population at levels so high, no wonder it causes health problems. Educate yourself on the common sources of this chemical to greatly reduce your own levels as well as your family members.   Canned Foods. Most […]

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Alternate To Not Talking To Strangers

Alternate To Not Talking To Strangers I don’t teach my children to avoid talking to strangers. Shocking, I know. I live in LA and New York City, walk everywhere with my kids, and I love meeting new people so we talk to strangers all the time. Secondly, I think that most of the advice on teaching […]

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A Guide Choosing A Car Seat

A Guide Choosing A Car Seat Unless you are only a walk away from the hospital, new parents need a car seat from day one (it’s required to leave the hospital—even if you’re taking a taxi). All 50 states require car child restraints, usually until the child is at least 7 years old and over […]

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Does Your Toddler Head Bump?

Does Your Toddler Head Bump? Do you ever notice your child bumping their head on their crib right before they go to sleep and then once they exhaust themselves, they pass right out? Twenty- percent of babies and toddlers bang their head on purpose, with boys being three times more likely to do so than […]

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How To Childproof Your Home

  Instead of worrying about your child being abducted or getting hurt from their day to day activities, think about your own home possibly being unsafe. Unintentional deaths are the leading cause of deaths in children ages 14 and under, and a third of those deaths happen at home. Your children have the highest risk […]

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Carpooling For Kids In The New Millennium

Carpooling to work has seen changes with the introduction of such ride sharing businesses as Uber and Sidecar. Now carpooling for kids is changing too. The idea of being able to schedule a driver to pick up your kids and drive them to soccer practice after school is no longer just for the rich. A […]

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7 Steps to Take for Precaution During a Measles Outbreak

As a parent few things are scarier than the idea of my child being exposed to something like the measles.  I realize that many people just think of measles like a rash but it is a disease that we have developed immunizations against for a reason.  Prior to having these immunizations people died from the […]

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