The Absolute Best Recipes For An Afternoon Snack

The Absolute Best Recipes For An Afternoon Snack

afternoon snack

In a typical day, a normal person’s blood sugar falls four hours after not consuming anything to eat. If you’re getting the afternoon blues or having trouble staying awake, you might just need an afternoon snack. Going long lengths of time without eating, can throw your body into starvation mode. This creates an unhealthy way of living, by causing a person to consume more calories than they would if they ate an afternoon snack. It’s important to be hungry for meals, but you never want to be starving.

Sliced Banana & Peanut Butter

A snack during the day should contain around 100 calories or a total of 15 grams of carbohydrates. The delicious snack of both peanut butter and banana gives you a form of sweet with the banana, and salty with the peanut butter. Because the banana contains natural sweeteners, the body will take longer to metabolize it. Peanut butter is excellent because it’s packed with tons of protein which gives you energy.

Fruit Smoothies

Making a smoothie is a great way to appease hunger, while adding fiber and antioxidants to your diet. Start by using your favorite frozen fruit along with coconut water or rice milk. You can also add orange juice with both bananas and strawberries to give it more of a tropical twist. Add your favorite protein powder for an extra “pick me up” in the morning or afternoon.

Hummus And Whole-Grain Crackers

Whole-wheat crackers are considered complex carbohydrates and they’re great for you. Not only do you get energy from these carbs, but you’ll also fill your tummy. Adding delicious hummus (garbanzo beans) to the mix, will help give your body tons of fiber and satiate any hunger pangs.

Dried Fruit & Nuts.

The combination of both good fats and protein, makes nuts a great source of sustainable energy for the body. Dried fruit provides that touch of sweetness, but with the added benefits of fiber. Start off with a small amount and gradually add more during each day. Too many carbs can cause low blood sugar, resulting in a sluggish mood.

Plain Yogurt, Fruit & Granola.

There’s nothing better that compliments yogurt more than the mix of dried fruit and nuts in granola. If you like it sweet, add your favorite natural honey to the mix and this will be sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.











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